Why Workers Prefer Online Health and Safety Training

Why Safety Training is Important

EHS training is crucial for a good safety culture. In the US, 99 workers on average die each WEEK from workplace accidents.

Let’s take a quick look at the further benefits of EHS training:

  • Keeps health and safety at the forefront
  • Helps avoid the financial costs and lost production time of accidents
  • Builds a reputation as a safe employer
  • Happy workers

Despite its importance, health and safety training is regarded by some as dull and boring.

Workers with this mindset are hard to engage. Unfortunately, it is these workers who are likely to put themselves or their colleagues in danger.

So, how do you engage workers with workplace health and safety?

One way is to make health and safety fun by introducing gamification.

Another way is to introduce eLearning and blended learning to your safety training program. But first, what’s the difference between eLearning and traditional learning methods?

Traditional Learning vs eLearning and Blended Training

Traditional learning = teacher-led sessions with students sitting and listening to the lecture.
eLearning = learning completed online. In other words, electronic learning.
Blended learning = a mixture of traditional and eLearning approaches.


Traditional Learning

If you’re over a certain age, this type of learning will take you back to your school days. We all remember sitting looking at the clock and waiting for the bell to ring as the teacher droned on.

As a result, some of us associate traditional learning methods with our school days. In other words, we lose interest in the subject quickly.

However, that’s not to say there are no upsides to traditional learning methods:



Even though it’s a much newer form of education, eLearning has taken the training and education market by storm. So much so, a massive 98% of companies plan to use eLearning training methods by 2020.



Blended Learning

Arguably, blended learning is the best of both worlds. Sometimes referred to as hybrid learning, blended learning combines classroom instruction, apps, webinars, and eLearning for a well-rounded, progressive learning structure.


Online Safety Training for Workers

Do workers prefer traditional and online teaching methods?

There are many reasons learners enjoy eLearning. For example, short courses do not interfere with the working day. Courses are digestible, memorable and engaging. Best of all, online learning content is user-friendly.

Moreover, we live in a technologically advanced world. In the developed world, 81% of people have access to the internet. An estimated 5 billion people have mobile devices.

Looking at those numbers, it makes sense to place learning content on a platform the majority of us use every day.

Look at it this way: 50% of workers forget what they learned in an hour. We all know the importance of safety training, and what can happen when it’s forgotten.

It’s your job as an EHS professional to ensure the safety of workers. Is eLearning the answer?


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