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UniFirst First Aid + Safety offers safety training solutions to meet your compliance and safety training needs. You can choose from a full range of courses including Bloomington IL CPR/First Aid certification, Forklift and Fire Safety + over 300 different training solutions to meet your workplace compliance and safety training needs.

Need onsite training? We come to you and train at your facility, looking for flexibility with online training? We have a full suite of titles to help you meet your compliance requirements. Not sure what you need to meet compliance requirements? UniFirst First Aid + Safety can help guide you through the process to determine what type of training would work best for your organization.

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First Aid & Safety  + CPR & AED  + Compliance

Just SOME of the safety training courses in Bloomington IL that we offer.

Bloomington IL Safety Training

The ability to quickly respond to a safety issue in the workplace is essential to protecting employee health and reducing liability. At UniFirst First Aid + Safety, we’re proud to offer helpful Bloomington IL safety training courses. Our hands-on, instructor-led Bloomington IL safety classes teach employees how to recognize and respond to a range of hazards. Choose classes at your workplace, or schedule sessions at one of our authorized centers in Bloomington IL. Our Bloomington IL safety training classes include:

  • AED training: Learn how and when to use AEDs.
  • CPR: Provide ventilation and chest compression to people in cardiac arrest.
  • First aid: Learn how to apply first aid to an injury.
  • AHA – BLS for Healthcare Providers: Learn how to recognize a life-threatening emergency. This CPR training class includes instruction on how to ventilate and perform chest compressions.

Bloomington IL Forklift Safety Training

Every warehouse operation needs forklift drivers who understand safety and comply with OSHA regulations.

Training Matters

Businesses lose millions of dollars each year from forklift accidents. There are 35,000 serious forklift injuries every year, and 1 in 6 workplace deaths involve a forklift.

These accidents are entirely preventable. The chief causes are speedy driving, overloaded forklifts and improper turning. You can avoid lost money and employee downtime with Bloomington IL forklift safety training.

What’s Covered in Our Forklift Safety Course

In our Bloomington IL forklift training course, your students learn how to pre-check their forklifts, use protective eyewear and helmets, practice safe driving, and operate a forklift properly.

Bloomington IL Fire Extinguisher Training

A fire can happen in any type of workplace. Is your team ready with the knowledge to operate a fire extinguisher? At UniFirst First Aid + Safety, we offer Bloomington IL fire extinguisher training at your workplace. Our goal is to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to operate a fire extinguisher. Students in our class learn:

  • Workplace fire safety
  • What causes fires
  • When to fight a fire
  • Classes of fires and fire extinguishers
  • PASS method
  • Fire extinguisher operation
  • When to escape

In our Bloomington IL fire extinguisher training classes, every student gains hands-on experience with using different types of fire extinguishers. To schedule a Bloomington IL fire extinguisher class or learn more, contact us at UniFirst First Aid + Safety today.

Bloomington IL AED Training

Did you know that more than 85% of workplaces are non-compliant with emergency life-saving device training? At United First Aid + Safety, we offer Bloomington IL AED training to bring your business into compliance. You and your team will learn what compliance entails and how to enact changes to meet compliance requirements. During our Bloomington IL AED training sessions, your team members will learn:

  • AEDs compliance requirements
  • How to change AED batteries
  • How to replace AED pads
  • How to track of AED inspections
  • How to use an AED

To make your job easier, we offer on-site Bloomington IL AED classes. Our classes are available at convenient times to meet your needs and minimize disruptions to your business. For additional details or to schedule a training session, contact us today.

Bloomington IL CPR Training Classes

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, including your workplace. Whether an employee, a customer or a guest experiences sudden cardiac arrest, the knowledge of how to provide CPR could save a life. At UniFirst First Aid + Safety, our instructor-led Bloomington IL CPR training includes hands-on instruction for performing CPR on infants, children and adults. We offer two types of Bloomington IL CPR classes:

  • AHA – Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED: Learn critical skills on how to save a life until emergency responders arrive at the scene. This is an American Heart Association-certified course in CPR, emergency first aid and AED use.
  • AHA – BLS for Healthcare Providers: Learn how to recognize a life-threatening emergency. This Bloomington IL CPR training class includes instruction on how to ventilate and perform chest compressions.

Bloomington IL First Aid Training Classes

A workplace accident or injury can happen any time and in any workplace. With the Bloomington IL first aid training courses offered by our team of certified instructors at UniFirst First Aid + Safety, your employees will learn how to save lives, and you’ll reduce your liability. We provide hands-on Bloomington IL first aid classes at your workplace. The topics covered in our Bloomington IL first aid training sessions include

  • What to do if a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest
  • How to stop bleeding
  • Choking relief for infants, children and adults
  • How to provide ventilation
  • Identification of a life-threatening emergency

We empower your employees to create a safer and healthier workplace. To learn more about our Bloomington IL first aid training, contact us today.

Bloomington IL Online Safety Training

Bloomington IL online safety training classes are an ideal way to lower the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Our courses also prepare your employees to handle an emergency during the workday.

Not only does UniFirst First Aid + Safety offer in-person safety training classes, but we also offer safety training online.  This is a flexible, easy way to prepare your employees for different types of hazards and other situations.  Online training classes give you the ability to train anywhere and anytime.

Popular Bloomington IL online safety training classes:

  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Active Shooter
  • Distracted Driving
  • Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety
  • Slip, Trips and Falls
  • Bbp (Bloodborne Pathogens)
  • + over 150 other titles to choose from

All Types of Classes

Instructor LED Safety Training

Instructor LED Safety Training

Instructor-led training provides hands-on compliance training with our expert trainers at your facility.

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Online Safety Compliance Training
Online Safety Compliance Training

A flexible easy way to train your employees to help saves lives, reduce injuries/accidents. Allowing students to learn anytime and that saves time and money.

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