10 Common Forklift Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

10 Common Forklift Mistakes And How To Avoid ThemForklift trucks can be dangerous if not operated with care, here are 10 common forklift mistakes and how your organization can help prevent accidents. 1. Not knowing your forklift’s load capacity – Carrying a load that is too heavy is a sure-fire way of making your vehicle unstable. Be aware of your[..]

5 Forklift Safety Elements – Part 4 “Understand The Stability Triangle”

Understand the ‘stability triangle’ An unloaded lift truck’s center of gravity – where the weight has equal concentration – typically is higher than that of a personal vehicle. The load has its own center of gravity, and once it’s picked up, a combined center of gravity between the load and truck is established. Lift trucks are built on three-point suspension systems, the physics of[..]