What you should – and shouldn’t – do in heatwaves

As summer temperatures climb, keeping cool becomes a priority. But what age-old tips are worth sticking to? With heatwaves everywhere from Japan to the UK, and Algeria to California, everyone has plenty of tips on how to keep cool. But which tips and facts stand up to scientific scrutiny? We look at the evidence for whether you should… 1)     Stick to cold rather than hot drinks Drinking[..]

Is Water Really The Best Way To Hydrate?

“The basic guideline for most people is that if you are doing continuous exercise for 60 minutes or less, then water is fine.” Says Suzanne Gerard Eberle, sport’s dietitian and author of Endurance Sports Nutrition. This is because sports drinks include electrolytes (which help regulate nerves and muscles), carbohydrates (which help restore the body’s glycogen — or fuel — levels)[..]