Publix employees honored for saving co-workers life

Photo Courtesy of CBS 12

Two Publix Employees, Christina Holbrook and Erika Serkin used a defibrillator on Jon Powell, a meat cutter at Publix West Palm when he collapsed at work.

“I’m just glad to be here and I really don’t know what else to say. I mean everybody else, so many people jumped in to help. I’m grateful for that,” Powell said.

Erika Serkin, the Publix store manager saw Powell on the floor when Christina rushed over to assist.

“I saw him on the floor, and Erika was there and she said something about CPR and it’s all kind of a blur from there, I just went into action and gave him CPR,” said Christina Holbrook, Publix grocery clerk.

“We applied the AED machine to him and you press a button on it and it tells you step by step what you need to do,” Serkin said.

Both woman are happy that they had the been trained to use the defibrillator.

“I’m happy that everything turned out the way it did,” Holbrook said.

Source: CBS12