Prevent Workplace Incidents Before They Start

Identifying risks and taking proactive safety measures to reduce hazard exposure on important topics from ergonomics to chemical management is crucial to creating a safe workplace.

This year we are offering resources to help safety heroes like you as well as items you can easily distribute to your employees.

Get additional National Safety Month resources here.

Grow Your Safety Knowledge

Mini-Guide: Steps for Conducting a Risk Assessment – NEW



Risk Assessment Template – NEW


Webinar – Prevent Incidents Before They Happen: Prevention Through Design
Hosted by VelocityEHS – Award-winning EHS & Sustainability Software
Workplace safety incidents can devastate employee health, undermine confidence in safety programs and result in annual U.S. costs of $171 billion, according to a 2019 NSC estimate. But most companies still react to injuries rather than follow a prevention-based strategy. Learn about the NIOSH initiative, Prevention through Design, and the importance of tracking how risks in one area of operations affect risks in others. Get the presentation.

Safety+Health® Resources


Share with Your Workforce

Get your workers involved during National Safety Month with this brand new tip sheet covering common workplace safety risks:

Employee tip sheet: Common Workplace Safety Risks – NEW



Workplace Safety Toolkits

Access toolkits with ready-to-distribute resources like 5-minute safety talks, posters, tip sheets, and more. Browse all the topics to help address hazards in your workplace on topics like:

  • Hazard awareness
  • Chemical management
  • Fall prevention
  • Ergonomics
  • Emergency preparedness


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