General Safety Online Courses

Heat Stress

Heat Stress reviews how heat affects the body, the steps employees can take to prevent heat stress, and elementary first aid that can be given to a worker who has been affected by a heat-related illness. Each year thousands of employees suffer the adverse effects of heat stress. Whether they work outdoors under the hot summer sun, or indoors with equipment and machinery that give off high levels[..]

Hazardous Materials Labels

Hazardous Materials Labels is designed to help employees understand the characteristics of different labeling systems and the ways that each convey information. By recognizing the differences and similarities of these systems, employees will be better prepared to work safely around hazardous materials. One important method for identifying hazardous materials is through the use of container[..]

Hazard Recognition

3+ million injuries and illnesses – 4,500 deaths occur on the job, each year Hazard Recognition provides the information employees need to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries from occurring. Employers, employees, managers and supervisors can improve safety in their facility by identifying and controlling job hazards before they cause accidents. This process is called hazard recognition.

Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety

500,000 US workers injure their Hands, Wrists and fingers every year Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety reminds employees how easy it is to injure their fingers, hands and wrists, and reviews what should be done to prevent these types of injuries from occurring. Our hands, wrists and fingers are constantly exposed to possible injury. Recognizing potential problems, and taking steps to avoid them is[..]

Hand & Power Tool Safety

Hand and Power Tool Safety shows employees how accidents can be significantly reduced by applying good general safety rules, and reviews the various hazards that are associated with the specific types of tools. In many types of businesses, hand and power tools are used every day. They make work easier and allow employees to be more efficient. However, many workers often fail to see the hazards[..]

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness shows employees how small changes in lifestyle can produce big benefits. While wellness is a gradual process, eliminating negative lifestyle factors can quickly begin to improve employees’ health. A good well and fitness program can significantly improve employees’ safety records. Studies have found that accidents and injuries occur less frequently with employees[..]

First Aid

First Aid shows employees that knowing basic first aid procedures can often limit the severity of any type of injury… or even prevent a death. In most facilities, not a day goes by without some type of injury occurring. It can be as serious as a chemical burn or as minor as a small cut. But any injury can be painful, and affect an employee’s work performance… as well as their[..]

Fire Prevention in the Office

$3 bllion in direct property damage from non residential structure fires Fire Prevention in the Office looks at what causes office fires, and what can be done to prevent them… as well as what employees should do in case of a fire emergency. Among all the safety problems employees can encounter, fire can be the most frightening. Every year office fires cause millions of dollars in damage[..]

Fire Prevention in Healthcare

Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities looks at how fires in healthcare facilities start, and what can be done to prevent them… as well as what employees should do in case of a fire emergency. Among all the safety problems employees can encounter, fire can be the most frightening. Every year fires in healthcare facilities cause millions of dollars in damage and result in numerous employee[..]

Fall Protection

10,000 people are killed every year as a result of falls – 200,000 to 300,000 people are disabled Fall Protection provides the information employees need to work safely when they are off the ground, and satisfies the major training requirements in the OSHA Standard on Fall Protection. Falls are the second leading cause of death each year in the United States (after traffic accidents)! Over[..]