General Safety Online Courses

Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls shows employees the situations that can lead to slips, trips and falls, and what they can do to avoid or prevent these accidents. Most employees don’t give much thought to the prospect of slipping, tripping or falling on the job. Yet these types of accidents account for more workplace injuries every year than any other accident category. Many of these injuries can be[..]

Handling A Sexual Harassment Investigation

Handling a Sexual Harassment Investigation looks at a company’s legal responsibility to prevent and deal with sexual harassment incidents, examines policies and procedures that should be followed when investigating allegations of sexual harassment and discusses how to interview apparent victims, alleged harassers and potential witnesses. Recognizing sexual harassment is only half the[..]

Sexual Harassment for Managers and Supervisors

Sexual Harassment… for Managers and Supervisors looks at behaviors and actions that can constitute sexual harassment, discusses why managers and supervisors must pay particular attention to what they say and do, and examines how to recognize sexual harassment in the workplace. Most managers and supervisors have heard about the fine and lawsuits brought against companies that ignore sexual[..]

Sexual Harassment for Employees

Sexual Harassment… for Employees discusses various forms of sexual harassment, explains how to avoid inadvertently sexually harassing someone and reviews the procedures employees should follow if they feel that they or a coworker are being sexually harassed. Most employees have heard the term sexual harassment, but many of them do not know exactly what it means. Topics covered in this[..]

Safety Showers & Eye Washes

Safety Showers and Eye Washes reviews situations where safety showers and eye washes should be used, as well as how to use them properly. No matter how many precautions employees take, accidents sometimes happen. In these situations quick action is essential, and if the incident involves a hazardous material, using a safety shower or eye wash station can be extremely important. Topics covered in[..]

Safety Orientation

Safety Orientation addresses two of the most prominent safety issues confronting employers today, that of developing a good safety attitude in their employees…as well as providing introductory safety training. Thinking about safety should be as natural as thinking about other aspects of a job. Accidents cause millions of people to suffer painful injuries every year, and cost business almost[..]

Safety Housekeeping & Accident Prevention

Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention provides workers with the information they need to recognize on-the-job hazards and explains how they can prevent them. Employees need to understand how to maintain a neat and orderly work environment and develop other good safety habits that will help them to create a safer workplace for everyone. Workplace accidents cause nearly 5,000 deaths and 3[..]

Safety Awareness for New Employees

Safety Awareness for New Employees addresses many of the most important safety issues confronting employees across a range of industries. Content is divided into concise chapters that look at commonly encountered workplace hazards, and how you can protect yourself from them, so new hires can start working safely right away. Topics covered in this program: Include: slips, trips and falls, good[..]

Safety Audits

Safety Audits provides employees with an understanding of the goals and procedures that are involved in a safety audit, shows them how they can help in the audit process and describes specific safe work practices. Workplace safety is too important to try and figure out on the fly or leave to chance. When employees’ lives and health are on the line, a company can’t just wait for[..]

Safe Lifting

Safe Lifting provides the information employees need to protect their backs when they are lifting and carrying. Topics covered in this program: Include the back’s structure and function; preparing for a lift; the mechanics of safe lifting; planning a “carry”; and more!