Mother credits CPR class for saving son’s life

A Bloomington mother’s mission is to encourage all parents to know CPR

3-year-old Becket Neeely loves dinosaurs and has endless energy. In the fall of 2017, his family was visiting friends in Chicago. In a moment of miscommunication, Sarah and her husband thought the other had an eye on Becket.

“I didn’t know where my son was and there he was at the bottom of the pool,” Neeley said. “Also there was a lot of had I done this, had I just followed him or been watching him more closely this wouldn’t have happened. And there was a lot of self-blame.”

As her friend called 911, Sarah started doing CPR on Becket, alternating between chest compressions and breathing. She had taken a child CPR class just a month prior as part of a moms’ support group.

“It was just there, the knowledge was just there and I think had I not taken the class I would have been a lot more lost,” said Neely. “I wouldn’t have had a clue of where to start or even what to do.”

Cassi Adkins is the CPR instructor who taught Sarah’s class. She’s the birthing center supervisor at OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington.

“In the situation don’t be afraid to jump in and do it,” said Cassi Adkins. “There may not be anybody else who knows how to do it so don’t be afraid and then get help there as quickly as you can.”

Now, Neeley is on a mission to spread the word about getting trained and certified to as many people who care for children as soon as possible.

“You never think you’re going to use it until you do,” said Neeley. “I couldn’t be more thankful that I did.”

After spending the night in the hospital, Neeley said Becket showed no residual effects and still loves the pool.


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