Respiratory Protection Training Classes

5 million US workers require respiratory protection training – No cure for occupational lung disease

Certain work environments contain air that isn’t safe to breathe. Breathing contaminated air or in low oxygen atmospheres can cause serious illness, injuries and even death. This program is designed to provide your employees with the basics of respiratory protection training. Revised to meet the new OSHA respiratory standard, this program alerts employees to the importance of protecting their respiratory systems and provides them with helpful tips for maintaining and properly using respirators.

Respiratory Protection Training CourseRespiratory Protection Training Classes Outline:

The Basics of Breathing, The Two Major Types of Respiratory Hazards, How to Control Respiratory Hazards, The Various Types of Respirators, How to Select the Proper Respirator, Information About Medical Evaluations, How to Properly Use a Respirator, How to Fit a Respirator, Proper Inspection of Respirators, How to Clean, Disinfect and Properly Store Respirators and Emergency Use of Respirators.