Powered Industrial Truck Safety Training

1 Out of Every 10 Forklifts in Use Are Involved in an Accident

Designed to provide your employees with the equipment-specific training needed to comply with OSHA’s new forklift standard, this four-part series will educate your employees on the most common types of powered industrial trucks: Order Pickers, Reach Trucks, and Powered Pallet Jacks. The revised, award-winning program, Forklift Safety, is also included in this Powered Industrial Truck Safety Training.

Powered Industrial Truck Safety TrainingPowered Industrial Truck Safety Training Outline

  • How the Different Types of Powered Industrial Trucks Work
  • How to Correctly Perform Pre-use Inspections
  • How to Safely Operate the Different Types of Powered Industrial Trucks Training
  • Safety Tips Specific to Each Type of Truck
  • Including Fall Protection Information