Confined Space Entry

There are 11,000 injuries per year & 92 deaths annually from confined space entry accidents.  60% of fatalities are actually would-be rescuers.  This is why proper confined space entry training is so important.

No matter how familiar employees may be with a confined space entry, there are always hidden risks involved.

Confined Space Entry TrainingConfined Space Entry Safety Training:

  • What Should be Classified as a Confined Space
  • The Various Types of Hazards Associated with a Confined Space
  • How to Protect Themselves from Hazards
  • The Steps Involved in Entry Preparation
  • Proper Entry Procedures
  • The Responsibilities of the Confined Space
  • Attendant and Entrant
  • Effective and Safe Rescue Techniques
  • Explanation of the OSHA Standard
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Develop Your Confined Space Entry Program
  • Code of Federal Regulations and OSHA Requirements

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