Construction Safety Week – Planning Your Safety Week

Every year, many construction companies host Safety Week events as a way to refocus and re-energize our commitment to eliminating injuries on job sites.

Help bring Safety Week to life in your company! Download the Safety Week Planning Playbook and get started planning your Safety Week activities. The Safety Week Planning Playbook includes tips, best practices, and downloads to help you:

Kick-off safety week with leadership communication

  • Messages for leadership to address
  • Distribution ideas for getting communication to employees

Plan events on your job sites

  • Kick-off/mass safety meetings
  • Kick-off/mass safety meetings with client and local stakeholder representation
  • Toolbox talks
  • Project tours with company leadership
  • Safety demonstrations
  • Appreciation barbecues and lunches
  • Sample week-long agenda

Hold job site safety reviews

  • Review corporate policies: disciplinary policy, fire safety requirements, etc.
  • Review training requirements
  • Hold emergency response drills
  • Invite emergency response teams (fire department, police, EMT, local response teams, etc.) to come on-site to assess emergency response protocols specific to that job site.
  • Review safety documents: emergency action plans, environmental aspects, job site safety analyses, required inspections
  • Perform a safety rollback
  • Include site housekeeping, cord/tool inspections, rigging inspections and proper storage, assured grounding inspections, PPE inspections, fire safety inspections.

Plan events in your offices

  • Warm-up to safety / stretch & flex
  • Management talks
  • Site-specific safety training
  • Project or first responder visits
  • Sample week-long agenda

Use Safety Week branded materials to support your events and communication

  • PowerPoint templates
  • Job site banners
  • Pop-up banners
  • Safety Week logo files
  • Safe by Choice logo files
  • Email signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Coloring Page

Spread the word about safety week

  • Social media toolkit
  • Media relations toolkit
  • News release template
  • Company internal and external communication platforms

We look forward to Safety Week! Together, we are building a safer, stronger industry.

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