Companies learning CPR reap the side benefit of team building

Learning CPR can not only help to save a life, but it can bring your company closer together.

Taking a four-hour CPR course with your co-workers can build trust and understanding among employees.

Everyone working together toward a common goal builds stronger working relationships and understanding amongst workers.

Articles like this one from the New York Times, show how putting individuals in a situation where each person is on a level playing field learning together creates unity.

“It breaks down divisions,” Richard Hough III, the chairman and chief executive of the Silvercrest Asset Management Group, said of the courses. “You could have the C.E.O. next to the receptionist. You’re on an equal plain.”

Many workplaces try various team-building exercises. They take company outings and attend seminars, different retreats, or parties. Learning CPR however, really brings teams together. Good communication is key to Chain of Survival. Learning CPR and working as team forces good communication. Teams learn to trust one another and most important become a team with a single task to save a life.

Next time you are thinking about a team-building event, schedule a CPR class and make your team-building fun, and memorable, and learn to save a life.

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