Athletic trainers revive woman on the way to breakfast

Photo courtesy of CBS 4 Indy

Bonnie Howard and DeAnne Green were arriving for breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe in Fishers, IN. When they heard a woman scream across the parking lot, they immediately rushed over to help.

“All of a sudden the lady just went completely limp,” said Howard. “I couldn’t find a pulse, so I started doing chest compressions.”

Both Bonnie and DeAnne are athletic trainers at Community Health Network.

Bonnie began CPR while DeAnne called 9-1-1.

The woman was visiting the cafe with her husband and another woman who drove the couple. Emergency personnel arrived and transported the woman to Community Heart and Vascular Hospital.

“I think it’s crucial for everybody to know it because who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t have been there and couldn’t start that right away,” said Howard. “You only have a few seconds before things can start to shut down, so I think it’s very important that everybody know it, especially being an adult. Just doing chest compressions can save somebody’s life.”



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