Confused about AED Inspections? This Might Help….

So you have an AED, but do you need to inspect it?

OSHA Standards do not specifically address automated external defibrillators. However, their previously issued TIB-01-12-17 recommends the use of AEDs at every work site as a safe, effective, easily learned method to improve survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest victims.

Therefore, when seconds count, it is vital that an AED is functioning properly and the only way of achieving this is through, regular, routine inspections.

This is endorsed by the American Heart Association in their publication Implementing an AED Program, which recommends “It is important to do a weekly or monthly visual inspection of the AEDs to ensure they are in working order. The program coordinator or another designated person can do the inspections. This person develops a written checklist to assess the readiness of the AEDs.”


AED Inspection Checklist Solution

When it comes to AED inspections there are a couple of options:

               1. Inspect yourself

               2. Have a specialist manage your AED inspections for you


If you plan to inspect the AED yourself we have a great AED inspection Checklist solution that will help:

  • Meet OSHA 1915.87 App A
  • Make date and time-stamped safety status visible to everyone around the AED
  • Drive safe behavior in making sure AED inspections take place
  • Help the inspector by walking them through what to inspect using the checklist book
  • Ensure accountability and safety ownership with signature capture
  • Keep an instant and auditable record in the carbon copy checklist book
  • Engage supervisors and colleagues by making safety visible and building a safety culture
  • Make maintenance and repair proactive, fast and efficient


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