73-year-old saved with CPR

Lewis Family Drug pharmacist Lisa Thelen, left, meets Dennis Scott for the first time since he suffered cardiac arrest in the County Fair Food Store on Thursday afternoon. Scott suffered cardiac arrest back on Feb. 16 collapsing near the customer service counter where Thelen was one of the stores employees who rushed to Scott’s aid when he went to the floor. (Matt Gade / Republic)

Dennis Scott entered Lewis Family Drug on Feb. 16 and collapsed near the customer service counter suffering from Cardiac Arrest.

Elimae Stubbe noticed Scott was very pale. When Scott suddenly collapsed. She immediately began compressions.

“He was very pale, and the look on his face was like someone was going to have a heart attack.”

She leapt.

“My instincts kicked in,” Stubbe said.

She had performed CPR once before on a family member. She since let her certification expire.

“I just did compressions,” Stubbe said. “Lisa from Lewis Drug did compressions and gave mouth-to-mouth.”

Scott said of the incident:

“I woke up with a second life,” he said. In gratitude, “I’d maybe like to contribute, give back, a little more.”

Source: The Daily Republic



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